Why does google search results look different?

There are data centers around the world that use Search. When we improve our classification systems, it will take us a long time to fully implement them in all of our data centers. This can lead to differences in the results depending on the data center that answers the search. Google search results might look a little different today.

It's important to understand that local versions of Google results look different depending on where you're searching from. Find the answers to those three personalized search questions and you'll be at the top of the search engine results pages. Rather than relying solely on traditional SEO ranking factors (such as page speed, HTML tags, site structure, and web essentials), personalized search is based on information that search engines collect about a user. Google collects different data from users who are logged in to a Google account and from those who are not, such as Gmail, Google Drive or Google Voice.

After spending months working on the SEO of your site, you might be disappointed to find that it doesn't appear uniformly for all users who perform a Google search. They need to implement SEO that ensures that Google not only knows exactly where their company is located, but that it shows it in search results above all other similar companies in the same geographical area. Google uses search history and browsers to create online profiles for users (including gender, age, language, location, and interests) and adapts the results to fit that profile. Then run the same search on another computer and in the same location without signing in to Google.

The main reasons why users get varying results on Google are the variations in location, personalization and algorithm. Google can identify a user's location by several means, such as the IP address, search history, the use of the map or the GPS of a device. As search engines become increasingly sophisticated and intuitive, they can provide more accurate search results. So even if you've asked yourself “why do my Google search results vary,” that's not the question you should be asking.

The more often a Google Account user visits your site, the more often it will appear in future searches. Google has publicly stated that it supports diversity and that its intention is to personalize search results, but also to give the user full access to what is available on the web. So it's very difficult to know what, where, when, or how Google's SERPs (also known as search engine results pages) will do something next.

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