Why did google succeed over other search engines?

Google's entire business model was focused on offering a better user experience. Its algorithm took into account multiple factors, such as the quality of the page, the number of links and the relevance to a user's search, in addition to how much advertisers pay, thus improving Yahoo's original model. There were a handful of reasons why Google was able to outperform all other search engines. Google was better than others in *all* of these aspects.

If it had been better in just one or two of them, it would have been harder for Google to beat the others, but being better at all of them made it easier for users to switch to it. Google started with the idea that users basically wanted to access the most relevant information in relation to their search queries. Google is the gold standard for search engines and continues to set priorities for the industry in general. Today, hundreds of millions of people visit Google's home page every day, not counting Google Plus and the other subdomains.

This search engine dominates at least 85% of the total search market, where Yahoo, Bing and the others struggle to maintain their few million visitors. The founders, the team and the entire Google body worked together to create a solid business based on an intelligent equation that included algorithm, speed, user experience, needs and other factors, such as an unlimited source of money, such as Google Ads (formerly Adwords), to drive Google's success. A query written on Google provided more utility and relevance than Excite, Yahoo and other search engines. If you did, you wouldn't be alone: more than 90% of search engine users trust Google to provide answers.

Google created a solid foundation for its business, a powerful and the most advanced search engine today, all other things are nothing compared to Google's algorithm. Google's algorithm is smarter than the others, that's clear and only people who used Yahoo before Google's launch can clearly understand it. Page ranking in itself isn't something to talk about, but it shows that Google is the only search engine that really works to understand the web and classify websites based on a complicated structure. Google's famous 20% of time, which allows employees to spend one day a week thinking about original projects, has produced some innovations, such as Google News and the Google Cardboard deployable virtual reality viewers.

Also relevant here is the reason why other search engines were unable to catch up with Google after having reached their dominant position for the first time. Google is the force behind the phrase “let me Google it”, which has become synonymous with “let me search for that”. While Google created the best search engine on the market, he suggests, it was his initial success that provided him with the experience and, more importantly, the data that allowed him to improve quickly. Google is truly defining the future of search engines, from launching improved conversion tracking to counteract the disappearance of data for privacy reasons to the development of its artificial intelligence capabilities to recognize user intent more precisely.

The strategy that really differentiated Google from other search engines was the advertising model they ultimately adopted.

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