What determines google search results?

To provide you with the most useful information, search algorithms take into account many factors and signals, such as the words in the query, the relevance and usability of the pages, the knowledge of the sources, and your location and configuration. The weighting that is applied to each factor varies depending on the nature of the query. Like all search engines, Google uses a special algorithm to determine its search results. While Google shares some data about its algorithm, the details are a company secret.

This helps Google to remain competitive with other search engines and reduces the chance that someone will discover how to abuse the system. It seems like a simple question, but it's not. The short answer is that it depends. The broader answer requires analyzing the search phrase by specific keyword, how the search is performed, the location where the search is performed, the type of device used (desktop computer, tablet, phone) and the continuous evolution of the Google search engine.

Do a Google search for the keywords you usually use to get to your company page or other common searches you perform and see how much the results change compared to what you normally see. Google ads are basically sponsored search results that someone has paid for, while organic results are determined by Google and are not paid for. These image carousels are different from those that would be displayed if the search had been performed using the image search filter found in the filter bar just below the search box. So how does Google's search algorithm actually work and how can you ensure that your content is aligned with it? As you can see, it's hard to get an exact idea of exactly what Google's search algorithm prioritizes, and anyway, that algorithm is often subject to change.

In addition to traditional links to page content, search results also often include images and videos for applicable search queries and, of course, Google also offers options for searching in specific media. When viewing a search query for “Albert Einstein”, searches related to Albert Einstein may contain a link to a new search query for “Albert Einstein quotes”. What sets Google apart is the way it ranks its results, which determines the order in which Google shows the results on the results pages of its search engines. These video carousels are different from those that would be displayed if the search had been performed using the video search filter found in the filter bar just below the search box.

E-A-T or expertise, authority and reliability is one of the most important parts of Google's algorithm, but it's not the final and definitive judge of content quality. For most companies or organizations, the corresponding panel will take the form of a business profile, which is free and shows information about your company both in Google Search and on Google Maps. This information is extracted from publicly available sources, such as company websites, business directories, Wikipedia, Google Maps, and Google My Business listings. But just because the algorithm itself is banned doesn't mean that Google is completely silent on the subject.

For example, if a user searches for “barber shop” or “nearby barber shop”, Google will try to show the companies that offer that service in the search area based on their location.

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