What are the stages of seo?

The SEO process: step-by-step research, preparation of reports, setting goals, creating content, optimizing pages, creating links on social networks, monitoring reports, analysis. Initial external SEO can be improved by doing extensive research on your competitors and related sites and identifying the sites that link to them (so that you can also get links there). With your basic technical SEO and your initial external SEO, the next step is to design your overall on-site SEO strategy. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of improving the visibility, authority and online user experience of a business website, in order to achieve more traffic, impressions and conversions for that company.

If your agency offers SEO, you probably have a certain set of white hat SEO strategies and techniques that you use to achieve results. The visibility stage describes the “new SEO accounts”. New accounts aren't just accounts with a new website or a domain change, or companies that have never done SEO before. If your client's site isn't ranked for many search terms, it's also at this stage.

If your goal is a new service, your customer wants to gain visibility for something totally new, so they would move on to this stage as well. Once your client's site has good visibility in the SERPs, you can move on to the acquisition stage. Accounts that are in the acquisition phase tend to have high printing rates based on unbranded terms (queries that do not include the company name), but their CTR is low. The strategy and planning stage of launching a website is critical to its success.

This is when the groundwork is laid. The reality is that not all companies start in the same place and, in fact, they are in one of the three “stages” of SEO. In terms of SEO, the most important steps at this stage are keyword research and content architecture. At this stage, you or your SEO specialist should create new content to focus on the keywords and queries in your strategy.

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