How do i stop google from changing search results?

If you don't want to get them, turn off search personalization. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app. At the top right, tap your profile picture or initial settings (General). Search personalization, turn off search personalization.

Google will no longer use your Google Account data to show you personalized search results on your desktop. Earlier this week, Google announced that searches would become social, so what you find when you search on Google will be influenced by what your friends on Google+ say. The only way to receive truly personalized results is to search Google anonymously using a third-party search alternative that defends privacy. Google's support site explains how the company uses what it knows about you to personalize search results.

Something I saw that wasn't in the article is that Google also tracks your searches based on your IP address. A couple of days ago, Google introduced a new way of displaying search results by integrating Google+ information into the mix, and it's already possible that many people have noticed that their search results look different. You can prevent Google from customizing results based on your location, web history and other personal information, one search at a time or universally, whether you're signed in or not. In any case, if you want to avoid seeing personalized search results for any reason, Google allows you to deactivate the settings.

A friend asked me to recommend a browser add-on that would allow her to see generic results when she did a Google search. After comparing the personalized and generic results of 25 searches of various types, I found that only a few of the top 10 results changed in most searches and, in the case of several search terms, there were no changes in the first 10 results with and without personalization. METHOD TWO This one is a little more robust, since it involves adjusting the search settings in your Google Account. Keep in mind that disabling personal results from Google Search doesn't affect the personal results settings of Google Assistant, Google Maps, or any other product.

As the New York Times noted, some privacy advocates are concerned and others are concerned about antitrust issues, arguing that this gives Google a competitive advantage over Twitter and Facebook, which turns out they don't have a dominant search engine. Create a depersonalized version of Google Chrome search allows you to create your own version of Google search, which disables personalization and can be configured as the browser's default search service. Google offers personalized search results, which is really useful, but you might want to turn off the feature.

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