How did google compete with other search browsers?

Google, on the other hand, presented a minimalist and clean interface where search was the only thing you focused on. He noted that too often buyers overlook Google. In addition, product searches are naturally among the most lucrative and are still very important from a business perspective. The Internet search industry has become a monopoly controlled by Google.

Although it seems unlikely that any other search engine will surpass Google, the search engines of Amazon, Meta and other sites could contribute to a paradigm shift in online searches. It's very likely that every day you'll use Chrome as your web browser, Gmail for your emails, back up your images on Google Photos, watch videos on YouTube, plan your trip with Google Maps and save all your files to Google Drive. Unlike other Google alternatives listed here, the company seems to collect data on how it is used; its privacy policy says that the use of its products, “such as search history”, will be deleted after 90 days. So how did Google become the dominant force it is today? In our first post of our Throwback Thursdays column, we'll give you a summary of how Google became the most important search engine among all the competition.

Many alternative search engines accept that they cannot compete with Google's scale: it has been crawling and indexing the web for decades. Many of the search alternatives listed above also have their own web browser extensions that you can use to search the web. Here you will find the other default search engine options that Google has included in its browser. For example, if you search for something in the news, such as Boris Johnson, Google will show you a carousel with the latest news before the search results.

Since its launch in the late 1990s, Google has grown to become the dominant leader in Internet searches. Google has had problems with competition regulators around the world on multiple occasions for abusing its dominance in searches. Google started with the idea that users basically wanted to access the most relevant information in relation to their search queries. If you're using your phone, you can type search queries directly into the search bar on the home screen.

This is different from the ads that appear in Google search results, which are segmented and combine your search history with other information that Google has about you to show what you expect to be more relevant ads. However, it's not possible to remove Google as the default search engine for Siri or for Apple's Spotlight search. A query written on Google provided more utility and relevance than Excite, Yahoo and other search engines. The strategy that really differentiated Google from other search engines was the advertising model they ultimately adopted.

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