Does your search history on google impact your search results?

Google customizes search results based on your online history and behavior. The search results a person sees today may be influenced by things they searched on Google weeks, months, or even years ago. Google continues to personalize search results to this day, although the company vehemently denies DuckDuckGo's claims that the effect is so strong that it creates a filter bubble. Google continuously updates the results that appear in searches based on current events (especially in the case of news and the most important news).

When a user signs in to their Google Account, the search results are said to be personalized based on their search history. Google will show users sites that are more mobile friendly and that contain immediate answers in a higher position in mobile searches. More recently, the company states that it has stopped customizing search results, even though it is increasingly using personalization for products such as Google Assistant and Gmail, because it didn't seem to really improve the search experience. While personalization is most of the time omitted in search results, there are some factors that can cause search results to be biased in ways that suit each user.

It is said that a user's past follows him on Google, and search algorithms use the data to provide personalized results. Users find it useful when searching “near me” when searching for products and services in their immediate area (such as searching for “restaurants” to find nearby restaurants). According to a new study conducted by Google's competitor, DuckDuckGo, it doesn't seem possible to avoid personalization when using Google search, even by logging out of the Google account and using the “incognito” mode of private browsing. Just because you don't see your company's ranking when you search for your target keywords on Google doesn't mean that other search engines won't find you.

Google customizes search results to a very limited extent and only does so in certain cases, such as location-based searches. Google couldn't comment on a study it didn't have access to, but the company says that search results can change minute by minute and sometimes even by second, especially on news topics. Marketers who specialized in SEO (called SEOs) had to keep track of how their results would look in both typical and personalized search results. Personalized search results used to be a headache for companies trying to optimize for search engine optimization (SEO).

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