Does your internet history effect google search results?

Google customizes search results based on your online history and behavior. It seems like a simple question, but it's not. The short answer is that it depends. The broader answer requires analyzing the search phrase by specific keyword, how the search is performed, the location where the search is performed, the type of device used (desktop computer, tablet, phone) and the continuous evolution of the Google search engine.

Google search results are different on different computers. There are a lot of factors that affect the Google search results you see. Google seeks to provide the best results to individual users. This means that they want and expect search results to be different from person to person and that people searching in the same office may see different search results.

While it provides a quick answer for a wide range of data types and time periods, it's not unusual for Google search results to vary. Repeated searches for a specific keyword phrase can make a particular company or website appear particularly favored on the results pages and, little by little, rise in the results of a given search. Another reason why Google search results vary is that Google can also include a carousel of three or more news stories in the results. If you're looking to wipe the slate clean, the best thing to do is to simply delete your Google search history completely.

In order for Google to provide the amazingly detailed and relevant results that so many people rely on, the search engine needs a certain amount of really specific data. If you want to continue using Google without being tracked, you can do so simply without signing in to your Google Account. Product searches on Google can also cause Google Shopping ads or product listing ads (PLA) to appear on SERPs. We hope this helps explain why two people searching for the same keyword can generate different search results.

Google News is also an application, as well as a specific filter in Google that can be found in the filter bar just below the search box. For example, if you have a history of searching for videos about how to train a dog and you're logged in to Google (that is, by far, the easiest way to stop Google from tracking your data is to simply not use any Google services). You can do this if you want to perform a search without Google recording it or without affecting ad recommendations. Whether you're using a mobile phone or a web browser, search engines like Google have a very good idea of where you are and will show you different search results for the same keyword, depending on your physical location.

So, it's very likely that someone searching for “pizza” or “yoga instructor” in a location in New Hampshire will get different search results than someone searching for “pizza” in Massachusetts.

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