Are google search results accurate?

We get billions of inquiries every day, and one of the reasons people keep turning to Google is because they know that they can often find relevant, reliable information that they can trust. Providing a high-quality search experience is critical to making Google so useful. The first lesson about search engine accuracy is that the amount of results you'll get will depend on the computer you use and the copy of Google you use. There are several copies of Google in the world and your search query will be sent to the version that is least busy.

Whereas if you search for “football in London”, Google will show results about football and the Premier League. For example, if you're in Chicago and you search for “soccer”, Google will most likely show you the results for American football and the Chicago Bears first. Information, such as your location, previous search history, and search settings, help us ensure that your results are the most useful and relevant to you at that time. The search also includes some features that customize the results based on the activity of your Google account.

And while search engines have developed a lot since then, the Internet has also grown very rapidly, and search engines are likely to continue to cover only a relatively small section of the available information.

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